Guilty Pleasures

Trader Joe's Now Sells Frozen Poutine. Watch Out, Waistlines

The Guilty Pleasure: Poutine Where To Get It: Trader Joe's, locations Valleywide Price: $3.99 What It Really Costs: Good news: Only 200 calories a serving. Bad news: One bag is almost six servings.

I love the frozen food section at Trader Joe's. There's almost always an entrée or two from there in my freezer for nights when I get home from work and the most mundane of cooking tasks seems insurmountable. The quality is generally higher than your average grocer's frozen food, with pronounceable ingredients and a wide variety of international fare.

On a recent visit to Trader Joe's, I was tickled to see that someone thought to add oh-so-trendy poutine to the frozen food roster.