So How Does Munich's Oktoberfest Stack Up Against Tempe's?

Lucky Megan Dobransky! Our Chow Bella contributor managed to make it to two Okoberfest celebrations -- in both Munich and Tempe. She's here to compare and contrast.

Oktoberfest has been a beer drinker's mecca for centuries. The name alone conjures up images of massive beers so heavy you need two hands to drink, girls in reveling dresses hauling those hefty beers by the armful and lots of polka music.

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I'm here to say it's all true, my friends. Oktoberfest in Munich is all you've imagined it to be. And yet, we have an Oktoberfest (well, more than one, but I'm here to discuss the Tempe celebration) right in our backyards every year.

What are the differences? Let's take a look.