Wake Up Call

Japanese Animal Doughnuts, The Next Internet-Doughnut Thing?

It's pretty safe to say the croissant-doughnuts have jumped the shark even faster than Shark Week jumped the shark.

Don't believe us? Maple bacon "Cronut" burgers exist. We think that says enough.

So we're moving on to the next deep-fried doughnut thing and we (ok with some help from video game blog, Kotaku) think we may have found it. Doubutsu doonatsu, or "animal doughnuts."

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According to the Gawker Media blog, the doughnuts are available at two doughnut shops in Japan. Floresta, a chain, and an animal donut specialty shop called Animal Doughnut of Ikumimama.

The animal-doughnut only shop was opened by Ikumi Nakao this June, who helped create the product when she worked at Floresta. She wanted to move back to Kawasaki to raise her family, and was able to open her own shop there. They come in a variety of different animals including cats, pandas, bears and frogs and can be shipped throughout Japan.

Some are saying that these adorable treats might become the next big thing to hit the internet since the Cronut™. But since we just reported last week that the whole Cronut™ thing may have gotten a little over blown, we're going to leave that claim alone for now.

We can say definitively that these animal doughnuts already have their own anime, a short clip of which you can see below. Yes, we're talking about an anime of talking doughnut animals -- and yes, it's totally weird.

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