Tomorrow: CupcakeCamp at CO+HOOTS

Downtown will be a vortex of desserts on Saturday!

I wish I could say this is part of some grand scheme, but it's really just serendipity.

Tomorrow afternoon happens to be CupcakeCamp, a very sweet-sounding event taking place just a few blocks from Chow Bella's Pie Social. 

According to the flyer and Facebook page, it's a "free gathering designed to draw out the cupcake eater and baker in the most urban hipster."

It's part of a national CupcakeCamp phenomenon, a community-building excuse to eat treats. Genius. 

Apparently the registration has ended to bring your own cupcakes, but there's still a free tasting from 2 to 5 p.m. at CO+HOOTS, 825 N. 7th Street.