Love, Change, and Chicken: Dinner and a Movie

Film: The Princess and the Warrior (2000)

Popcorn Alternative: Popcorn with Cinnamon Butter and Dried Apple Chips

Entrée: Roast Chicken with Melted Onions and Herbed Spaetzle

Beverage: German Beer

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​ to the food magazine, Bon Appétit. With Editor-In-Chief Adam Rapoport at the helm, and his first issue in the can, we went with a recipe by the new boss. For years, Rapoport covered all things style for GQ and often would share recipes and cooking techniques. 

We discovered this recipe some time ago for Impossibly Moist Chicken with Melted Onions 

Bon Appétit has an impressive database of recipes, and we found one there for Fresh Herb Spaetzle. Be sure to allow plenty of time to make these, it is more difficult than it looks. Perhaps this was because we do not own a spaetzle maker. 

Instead, we tried a variety of the items around our kitchen to press the sticky dough through to make these little sperm-shaped dumpling/noodles, finally finding our best luck with a potato masher after developing hand cramps trying to use the colander and even a vegetable steamer. 

We skipped the step near the end with the sauteed mushrooms and onion in lieu of the irrresistable melted onions under the chicken. 

To make the Brussels Sprouts: we squeezed an orange over them, tossed in some olive oil and a little sea salt, and roasted them in the oven until tender on the inside with a crisp out layer. 

We enjoyed our Dinner and a Movie with a selection of German beers the guys at Top's Liquors recommended. 

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