Wake Up Call

Danger! Danger! "Critic Hunter" Ad Mocks Common Breeds of Reviewers

None of these rares species of reviewers will be a surprise to many of you. Who hasn't seen a mated pair of couponus savus pouring over a menu trying to find the perfect mixture of appetizers, entrees and desserts to maximize their Groupon? Or seen a herd of yelpus complainus grazing on happy hour appetizers while simultaneously instagraming and "checking in" to every dish that comes their way?

The "Critic Hunter" is a video ad for a new iPhone only app called Chefs Feed. Chefs Feed is hoping that diners will value the opinions of chefs, celebrity chefs specifically, over those of their fellow diners and/or PR sock puppets.

This teaser video released late last year, seems to give a pretty good idea what kind of chefs they've rounded up to fill their feeds. The app has only been live for a few weeks and in a limited number of cities. Phoenix has, alas, been overlooked again. So it's too early to tell if this is the Yelp killer it claims to be. We're rather curious how they conned these chefs into using their product and if those chefs will stop updating if the steady flow of virgin sacrifices dries up. In our experience, chefs tend to be solitary critters once they're off the clock.

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