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Fry Girl Feasts Festival-Style at Arizona Mills Mall

Aqua-massagers. Perfumania. Glamour Shots. People-watching. A freakin' carousel in the food court. What better place to set up a fast-food eatery featuring festival fare than in the Arizona Mills Mall?

In this week's Fry Girl review, I'm cruisin', circus-style, through the gala grub of Festival Foods. The first, and only, restaurant of two big-city daddies who came to Arizona with the dream of delivering their deep-fried Twinkies and corn dogs to weary shoppers spent from a day of deals, discounts, and demonstrations of flying toys and the latest in cell phones.

But wait, folks, there's more. Step right up, peek behind the curtain, and you'll find out how these two fast-food fathers gave birth to an Arizona original. An signature food? In Arizona? That's what I said. Then I took a bite.