Wake Up Call

Beloved Unites Food Love and Fashion with Pizza Pajamas and Waffle Sweatshirts

Imagine the scene: You're sitting on your couch alone on Friday night catching up on the most recent season of The Taste. Anthony Bourdain is describing fried chicken for the millionth time and you're lounging on a pizza-shaped pillow and wearing leggings covered in French fries with a waffle-print sweatshirt. If that sounds good to you, Beloved Shirts, an online apparel purveyor, offers all your favorite DGAF clothing essentials in prints of guilty pleasure food favorites, and right now, most of the items on the website are on sale.

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Whether your food love is pickles, chicken wings, bacon, pancakes, or cheeseburgers, there's probably something on the Beloved website that will pique your interest with bold, bright designs. Although Beloved also offers some pretty ridiculous pug-face prints and sweatshirts for the Nintendo and Pokemon lovers in your life, the chance to own a pair of "BeFat" leggings, which are covered in a multitude of the best drive-thru sandwiches, is all too tempting.

While the hoodies typically sell for $98, most are on sale now for $68; shirts are $4 off and leggings are $10 off. It all seems a small price to pay when you're soaking in the weird looks you'll get walking into your Saturday morning yoga class wearing a doughnut hoodie. You can find delectable styles on the Beloved Shirts website.

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