Chow Bella

Steampunk: The Past and Future of Cooking?

While trolling the net, we stumbled upon a creative little blog called Steampunk Cookery that got us thinking about potential culinary trends for 2011. The blog is run by a Steampunker slash culinary student from Detroit named "Mac" and features recipes that hearken back to the 19th century.

If you're not familiar with steampunk, it's a subset of science fiction lit that merges steam powered and futuristic technologies, usually in a Victorian-era setting. Think Wil Smith's Wild, Wild West or The League of Extraordinary Gentleman. Lately, the genre has seen a renaissance among costumers (check out our cover story on the trend).  

Like fashion, cooking trends tend to recycle every so often. Remember the recent fondue and progressive dinner fads? The return to classic '50s cocktails?

With farm-to-table cooking seeing an upswing, it wouldn't be much of a leap to see local restaurants hosting Victorian themed dinners where fresh, natural ingredients are cooked over a stone hearth. Mac is already hosting steampunk dinner events in Detroit, so why not Phoenix? Diners could even wear top hats and bustle dresses!   

Maybe not, but we can dream. In the meantime, Mac is happy to teach you how to make Earl Grey Panna Cotta or ox cheek soup at home.   

Arizona is hosting its first-ever steampunk convention, Wild Wild West Con, down at Old Tucson Studios this March -- and from what we hear, it's attracting folks from across the country. No steampunk cooking events are planned, though we have high hopes that some innovative Steampunker might decide to try Mac's recipes in their hotel suite.