First Taste

Merc Bar Introduces New Bar Chef Menu to Complement Your Cocktails

The Merc Bar is well known for its swanky, speak-easy vibe with lots of low light and dark wood. This destination for classy cocktails is taking after its SoHo cousin, and offering a menu of light bar bites until 10 each evening.

Working behind the bar in a corner smaller than most dorm room kitchenettes, Chef Walter Sterling has crafted an exciting and diverse menu using nothing but a crock pot, a toaster oven, and hot plate. So you can have a little cheese, or charcuterie, or even crab dip, with your wine.

Sterling has added several daily rotating specials on the Bar Chef and Daily Picks chalkboard, which will continue to feature the "Best $7 Glass of Wine" and featured beers. The cocktail master, Thomas McCormack, has also created a menu worthy of the bar bites on the menu, like the Henry VII (gin and elderflower), St. James (pear and prosecco), or Linen Pants (aquavit and strawberries).

Check out the Bar Chef menu and all the drool-worthy pictures after the jump...

Everything we tried was solid, made with care and using high quality ingredients that clearly translated to a superior menu of late night bar bites. Our favorite item was the wild mushroom ravioli, with a creamy white wine sauce, garlic and shaved pecorino cheese. The balance of all the flavors had us practically licking the plate to ensure we didn't waste a single morsel.

 Pick a cocktail, grab a glass of wine, and do a bit of sampling. The price point on many of the food items is reasonable enough to ensure that you can eat your way through several small plates and still have room (and money) for a night cap.

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