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Edible Spray Paint Adds Bling to Boring, Natural Food Colors: Green Asparagus Tips? Hell. No.

The rosy red hue of an apple, the rustic brown of braised short ribs, the unrefined greens of leaf lettuce -- BOOOOORRRRR-ING!

Now you can change the color of everything you eat (as long as it's to gold, silver, red, or blue) thanks to Esslack, a tasteless, non-toxic, edible spray paint from Germany.

Developed with a small food factory that supplies food coloring to high-end pastry shops, Esslack offers ideas like chrome trout, gold-plated asparagus tips, and red peas. But at around $35 a can (plus shipping), you'll need to decide which foods are worthy of edible spray paint bling.

Get yours here. Via: BuzzFeed

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