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Roadrunner Park Farmers Market: Bring Your Dog, There's Packaged Fruits and Trail Mix, Plus Citrus Galore

The Market: The Roadrunner Park Farmers Market is a weekly slice of American suburbia right here in north Phoenix. As early as the sun rises, youth baseball teams are rounding the bases and girls' soccer teams are busy at practice. Later on families sit down to picnic tables for lunch, or walk around the pond, or play frisbee with their pups. The market has a strong pulse in at the south side of the park.

The Parking: It's a hassle, but only if you try and enter the park the same way everyone does -- by making a right on 34th Street (a snake of a parking lot) after traveling west on Cactus Rd. Instead, try taking 36th Street north, and if you don't find parking along the street, circle the park and enter 34th Street from the other side.

The Vendors: Lined up in a long row, navigating this market and visiting its vendors is made easy - just walk in straight line until something catches your eye. Perhaps it will be some of their unique vendors, like AZ Fresh and their fantastically large collection of snacks made from fruit and produce (chunks of pineapple, papaya, cherries, or savory snacks of trail mix, wasabi peas, and gallon ziplocks of pistachios). Similarly overwhelming in its numbers is Urban Survival and their dozens of pickled products, like vegetables or eggs, or expect a medley in a jar of lemon pepper carrot slices with red bell peppers.

The staples are all here, too.