T. Cook's Lounge Mixes Up Signature Cocktails Like the Ron Burgundy, Magnum P.I., and Fu-Manchu for Mustache Mondays

The mighty mustache. More than just a few hairs under the ol' schnoz, the mustache is a symbol of authority, class, and hope for all humankind. Nay, it is a priceless gift from the angels above.

Oh, who are we kidding. The mustache is a joke (thanks, hipsters), but that doesn't mean we can't have some fun with it. Especially if it's during Mustache Mondays, from 5 p.m. to close every Monday night at T. Cook's Lounge at the Royal Palms Resort.

Plus, if you rock a real 'stache (or sport a fake one), you score discounts on eats and mustachioe-themed cocktails like the Ron Burgundy (made with, "scotch, scotch, scotch"), a rum and pineapple Magnum P.I., and a Peach Fuzz Martini.

Want the whole cookie duster? Here's the full Mustache Mondays menu.

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