Joe LaVilla's Perfect Food Day

Hailing from New York, Joe LaVilla is the Senior Academic Director for Culinary Arts at the Art Institute of Phoenix. Want to see his "professional name?" It's Joseph LaVilla, PhD, CEC, CCE, CCA, CWE. No joke.

This guy is smart and he loves food. He has his PhD in chemistry, which is handy when teaching budding chefs and sommeliers all about the whys and hows of food. We're not surprised that LaVilla has even written a book, "The Wine Beer and Spirits Handbook" published by Wiley. This is what LaVilla would love to eat on one of his few days off.

Not really a sweet breakfast guy, I would go for dim sum at Great Wall (35th Ave and Camelback). Lots of different flavors and textures.

A soft shell crab tempura sandwich, with wasabi mayonnaise, arugula, and sriracha on grilled sourdough. Chased with a Hoegaarden or two. The crab was something I used to eat at Spago where I worked a line cook, back in the day.

Afternoon snack:
A good cheese board. Something creamy, something stinky and something goat-y at least. Got to have some membrillo (quince paste) with it, and a good bottle of Chenin Blanc.

If it's the best dinner I can think of, it has to be made with my mother's sauce. I am a good Italian boy after all. So, lasagna with lots of sauce, Mom's meatballs and a loaf of garlic bread. Add in a bottle of Nero d'Avola or Barbera and I'm a full, happy man.

Late night snack:
I have to have chocolate to round out a perfect day. Chocolate gelato from Berto's, with mocha hot fudge, some hazelnuts and crushed amaretti.

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