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Kuroiwa Patisserie in Brooklyn Makes Totally Awesome Portrait Cookies

Brookyln-based patissier, pastry sculptor, and food stylist Ayako Kurokawa makes cakes, cookies, and other sweet treats that are just about as pretty as desserts can ever be. If you don't believe us, take a look for yourself on her portfolio, Instagram or blog for Elle Japan (which is in Japanese, but we're focusing on the pics anyway).

And while her dog cakes and bread hats are super-impressive, we're most excited about her custom-made portrait cookies, which can be ordered online and made in the likeness of anyone you wish.

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These incredible pieces of cookie art come out of Kuroiwa Patisserie in Brooklyn, where Kurokawa creates everything from tea cakes and delicate cookies to custom cakes and pies. The pastry chef grew up in Japan and perfected her skills while working at The Modern, the restaurant at MOMA, and the Plaza Hotel. She says she gets the inspiration for her often minimalist work from everyday life in Brooklyn, in particular from daydreaming on the subway.

As for those portrait cookies, they can be ordered online for $30 each and are are 5 inches in diameter. All you have to do is send in two photos of the person whose face you want etched onto a cookie and your dessert art should arrive after 10 days.

If you want to see some awesome cookie portraits of famous people (including James Franco and Anderson Cooper), you can check out this gallery from Refinery29.

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