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Fairy Adds Credibility to This Year's Raw Spirit Festival

Billed as "the world's leading, largest, and longest-lived raw vegan-eco-peace celebration," this year's Raw Spirit Festival, running from from Friday, December 30, to Sunday, January 1, at the JW Marriott Desert Ridge, has something most "elegant, sweetly spiritual, healthful, cutting-edge, fun-loving, conscious, abundant, musical, and interconnected" events don't: a flippin' fairy.

Emerging from a leaf that artist, filmmaker, and healer Markus Rothkranz has plucked from its mother tree, the fairy emits pixie dust into the air in a way that seems to be letting folks know they'll not only be forking out $150 for a three-day event that runs over a major holiday, but that they'll also be paying around $150 night for a room.

But who can put a price on fairy magic? Especially when Hemalayaa's "Bollywood Dance Yoga," shared secrets from author, teenage elder, and 70-something beauty queen Mimi Kirk, and something called "play shops" all happen under one of the most ambitious themes ever: "Inspiration, Education, Meditation & Celebration."

No one, that's who. It's fairy power, dammit. And this year, the vegans have got it.

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