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Turn Up the Heat with Go Lb. Salt's Sriracha Bacon and Locally Made Sriracha Sauce

Considering that you can already buy Sriracha Pringles and Lay's and even green Midori Sriracha, we guess we shouldn't be that surprised to hear that some of our local food producers are also turning to the famous hot sauce for inspiration. After all, we've already written about how you can use the red rooster sauce to spice up the cheapest of foods.

Now you can leave the spice infusion to the pros. Starting on Saturday, October 25, you'll be able to buy Sriracha Bacon made locally by go lb. salt, and on Saturday mornings at the Downtown Phoenix Public Market, you also can find Siri Sriracha Sauce, a brand of locally made condiments.

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The new Sriracha Bacon will debut on Saturday both online and at the Gilbert Farmers Market and Fountain Hills Farmers' Markets. The dry-cured bacon is will be sold for $12 in half-pound packages and is made from all-natural, free range and pasture raised pork with no hormones or antibiotics.

This is the fourth flavored bacon to join the company's Bring Home the Bacon line of products. Go lb. salt also offers black truffle, chocolate, and savory herb bacon, in addition to an original applewood smoked bacon.

And if you're looking for a more diverse local product to put some Sriracha spice in your life, then you'll want to head to the Saturday morning Downtown Phoenix Farmers Market. That's where you'll find Siri Sriracha Sauce, a company started by Thai immigrant Siri Vichainchay.

Vichainchay already make four types of Sriracha sauces including original, basil, and lemongrass hot sauces. She's currently hoping to add a Ghost Pepper Sriracha sauce to the lineup and has a Kickstarter campaign to fund the fifth sauce.

For more information about Siri Sriracha Sauce, visit the Carmichael Foods website.

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