Cup O'Karma's Medium House Blend

The last time we visited Cup O'Karma in Mesa, it was May (hot), and we had the Iced Chai Frappe (cold and yummy). But now November is almost over, and we're back on the hot stuff to keep us warm and fueled in this freezing Phoenix winter weather (anything below 70 degrees Fahrenheit).

Cup O'Karma's medium roast house blend is served burn-your-lips-off hot, under a metal tree adorned with Christmas lights and pairs of earrings they sell for charity. This cozy coffee shop helps support the National Advocacy & Training Network, an organization that works to end domestic violence and sexual assault. A portion of every coffee sale goes toward NATN, so the warm feeling we got inside from the house blend was a little fuzzy, too.

But the best part about the medium house blend was the flavor -- rich, smooth, and enduring. It was, frankly, a damn good cup of coffee.

The brew was a medium brown, but had a dark chocolate tint, as well. There were a few small swirls of oil from the brew process, which usually means a more bitter, potent coffee. But there was hardly any bitterness to the coffee at all. It wasn't too sweet, either. We didn't add any sugar (which we usually do), and only poured in a little bit of cream. The java was just right, a perfectly balanced roast down to the last swig.

We're not sure how much caffeine is in Cup O'Karma's medium house blend, but we can tell you that after finishing off our small cup, we watered the lawn and plants, did the dishes, swept and mopped, cleaned the bathroom, organized our DVDs, and wrote this blog. And we weren't even driven by jitters or suffering from the shakes. It was a "clean" caffeine high.

Coincidentally, there's a bowling alley just west of Cup O'Karma. So if you ever have a day off and want to marathon bowl -- or you just want to kick-start your Monday -- we highly recommend Cup O'Karma's medium house blend.

Cup O'Karma is located at 1710 W. Southern Avenue in Mesa (in the same plaza as Cheba Hut). Call 480-890-0579 for more information.