Latte Art, The Simple Farm's Planting List and Sunday "Gravy" Recipe from The Food Tramp Diaries

A round-up of tasty morsels from Valley food blogs.

Chris Tingom from picked some of his favorite examples of latte art from the 2011 SWLAC this past weekend. He wanted you to know what good latte art looks like. Check out the rest of the pours over on his post.

The Simple Farm is gearing up for the cooler months by planting loads of roots and shoots -- check out the list here. We're excited to see a lot of herbs too -- like French sorrel, French chervil, parsley, basil, thyme, oregano, and marjoram.

The Food Tramp claims to watch too much "Sopranos" & "Real Housewives of New Jersey," and the result is an Italian meat and tomato dish fit for Tony and his gang. Here's the recipe she came up with after consulting 7 different food blog recipes to make it fit her pantry items, she was happy to report that it "turned out delicious."

Hey metro Phoenix eaters, if you have a food blog or know of one we've missed, leave word in the comments section.

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