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Safeway Pulls the Plug on "Pink Slime" Textured Beef

Ah, there's nothing like ammonia-treated meat. Lovingly called "pink slime," it's been the recent subject of celebu-chef Jamie Oliver, fast food, school lunches, and of course, our nightmares.

Apparently consumer pressure on this meat monstrosity -- specifically beef with the controversial filler -- has gotten the better of Safeway, America's second largest supermarket chain behind Kroger. ABC News reports that the supermarket will no longer sell "what the meat industry calls 'lean finely textured beef' and the public has come to call 'pink slime.'"

Of course, the move came with a "but..."

According to ABC News, in a statement from Safeway, the grocery store chain blamed its discontinuation of selling pink slime on recent news stories causing consumer concern, and added that both USDA and food industry experts agree that "lean finely textured beef is safe and wholesome."

Uh, right. 'Cause who doesn't think ammonia-treated meat made from dog food scraps and cooking oil is just as nutritious as pure ground beef -- oh, that's right, former USDA scientists and EVERYONE ELSE.

ABC News goes on to say that Safeway now joins other supermarket chains like Publix, HEB, and Costco in promising that their ground beef is pink-slime free. Plus, the USDA has announced that it will let school districts know which of their suppliers use pink slime so administrators can determine whether to buy it.

Now if someone could just get that image out of our heads.

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