10 Favorite (Restaurant) Doughnuts in Greater Phoenix

Homer Simpson sold his soul to the devil for one, 30 Rock's Liz Lemon loves putting them in the microwave, and on the first Friday of June each year, we celebrate their very existence. It's the doughnut. While readily available at bakeries and shops, snatching one up at a Valley restaurant is a bit more tricky. That's why we created this list of 10 of our fritter-wth-the-food favorites -- in case you get a hankerin'.

Maple Bacon Doughnut from The Oink Cafe

Calling bullshit on the Baconpocalypse, this new breakfast and lunch spot in Paradise Valley puts America's meat candy in and on just about every dish on the menu -- including a most excellent doughnut. Called the glazed maple bacon and meaning every word of it, this fork-necessary fritter arrives warm, moist, and cake-y with a sweet maple flavor that mixes nicely with a generous topping of crispy, salty bacon pieces. Some of the servers might tell you it won the New Times best doughnut award of 2012 (they're wrong; that distinction went to the last restaurant on this list), but we'll forgive them, since this place will also put bacon in your coffee.