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Cafe: Cave & Ives

Sometimes less is more. A supreme pizza can be be a mouth-watering exercise in sensory overload, but does it stack up to a classic slice of pepperoni and extra cheese? There's a reason we put yellow mustard on hot dogs and not basil foam.

Reading this week's Cafe column, it seems local eatery Cave & Ives agrees that simplicity is best.

Food Critic Laura Hahnefeld on Cave & Ives:

The menu is no-frills. There are appetizers and salads, a few pastas, some Greek-inspired flatbreads, and Neapolitan-style pizzas cranked out via wood-fired oven courtesy of pizzaiolo Dylan Scott, who used to do pies at Tommy V's and Marcellino's. In lieu of liquor, the bar menu compensates with a solid selection of right-priced wines in addition to American craft beers and premium imports.

Most of the limited offering of Italian and Mediterranean dishes are creations of the brothers (Ivan lived in Europe for a few years, and the two say they have traveled extensively). Ivan heads up the two kitchens -- one downstairs, in Sacks, for pasta and appetizers and one upstairs for salads, additional appetizers, and pizzas. A dumbwaiter runs constantly during dinner service. Most everything is made in-house, with some of the sausages made exclusively for the restaurant by Schreiner's Fine Sausage...full story