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McDonald's 2010 Monopoly Game-Piece Promotion Starts Today: Hey, You Gonna Use Those Stamps?

Somewhere between BK's Subservient Chicken and "Avoiding the Noid" at Dominos Pizza, comes the best and longest-lasting game the fast food world has to offer: McDonald's Monopoly.

Starting today and ending November 1, Mickey Dees Monopolites can eat, peel, and (possibly, maybe, sometimes, not often) win prizes from free food to cars, trips, even cold, hard, greasy cash. Plus, in addition to rackin' up them railroads on the game board, there's online and text options to win, too.

Stamps? Yeah, you're gonna want those, so pick your grub wisely.

This year, get game pieces on medium and large hot or cold McCafé beverages, including smoothies and frappés (no Clear Cup Shakes.) McGriddles and hash browns are also stamp-worthy in addition to Big Macs, 10- and 20-piece Chicken McNuggets, large fries, medium soft drinks, and Filet-O-Fish sandwiches.

For details and a printable game board, go here.