Chow Bella

New in Tempe: Paldo Market

Happiness is discovering a shiny new Korean grocery store.

Paldo Market opened up about two months ago at the southeast corner of Southern and Mill in Tempe (9 E. Southern), and it's quite a find.

Although it's not supermarket-sized, Paldo's got a really well-rounded selection of Korean edibles and ingredients, packed into a bright, orderly strip mall space.

There's a produce section, fresh meat for bulgogi, whole mackerel packed in ice, aisles of noodles, tea, rice, sauces, sweets, cooking oil, and some Japanese must-haves mixed in the with Korean stuff. There's also a decent variety of frozen foods.

Back in the far corner of the store, there's even a "food court" that's actually a tiny lunch nook with a handful of seats and a cheap menu of Korean standards like bi bim bap. The girl at the front register told me they'll start service next Monday.