Eating the World

One-Off Market at Pro EM on Baseline; Plus, Summer Squash and Summer Fun from Maya's Farm and Old Town Scottsdale

Here's some really new news: Event management company Pro Em is hosting a farmers' market and rummage sale (plus an informal job fair) at their facility at 4707 East Baseline Road (just west of I-10) tomorrow from 8 a.m. to noon. If all goes well, the event might return in the fall and recur quarterly. This part of near-Tempe could really use a Saturday-morning market, and the produce vendors are being coordinated by the good folks at Arizona Community Farmers Markets, so it's not just some do-gooders cleaning out the office fridge, 'kay?

On to this week's other produce-centric musings: We've learned that Maya's Farm will be vending all summer at Old Town Scottsdale Farmers' Market and Downtown Phoenix Public Market, and fans are squeeing in delight. But Maya's stand at the farm makes its last stand for the season tomorrow, so keep that in mind if you're thinking of stopping by.

Speaking of the Old Town Scottsdale market, they're trying something new (along with 7:30 to 11:30 summer hours) starting Saturday, June 6: The whole shebang is going underground in the garage to keep everyone cooler and more comfortable this summer. Extra lighting, fans, and misters are planned to make it a little concrete paradise down there. It should be something to see.

Meanwhile, the slow season for veggie harvest is officially over; Maya's, in particular, never stopped bringing the lettuce mixes and spinach, and green beans and okra are now overflowing their bins, along with eggplant and more tomatoes all the time. Thinking ratatouille? Good idea, because more than anything, May and June are about squash, squash, squash, which you already know if you've ever grown a bumper crop by accident from the garbage in your compost pile. Variety zucchini, yellow squash, striped squash, and, in about another week, pattipans -- all these moist, mild, versatile beauties are a snap to prepare and are also prime candidates for tossing into just about any other dish to boost the veggie count. Enjoy!