Pancake Art Using a Pancake "Pen"

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We try to keep the gadgets in our home kitchen to a minimum but when we spotted this pancake pen, we knew we needed to have it.

When we took it to the checkout counter at Cost Plus World Market on Camelback at 18th St. the cashier got wide eyed and asked, "Do you have one of these?"

Perplexed a bit, we smiled and gently answered, "No, that's why were getting one, to try it out."

She replied, "I just got another one and now have two."

"Oh. That's cool," we answered and nodded with a polite grin.

She quietly rang up another item and then added, "You know those mini muffin tins?"

She picked up our pancake pen and began to squeeze and mimic filling the divots in a mini muffin tin. "You can use these to fill them," she said.

The light went on. The cashier wasn't just selling us a product, she was a fellow pancake lover and wanted to share the pan's many uses. This might just be the coolest new gadget we've stumbled upon in ages. We imagined scouring Pinterest for lots of new mini muffin inspiration and pancake doodles. You know that Chow Bella is on Pinterest, right?

We love talking with people who get as dorked out about food as we do.

We took our pancake pen home and learned that the whole great big bottle can hold a nice amount of batter, is dishwasher safe and that the top portion is heat resistant (up to 600 degrees) silicone -- sweet.

After waiting patiently for Saturday morning to arrive, we washed the bottle and filled it with our favorite pancake recipe. You might have to thin yours out a bit, depending on your recipe. We then squeezed out some initials and attempted to recreate Saturn's image.

We found that they were quite tricky to flip and immediately started thinking that that Dad who blogs pictures of the pancakes he makes for his daughter is quite talented. Did you know that he has over 32,000 "likes" on Facebook -- crazy. People like pancakes. Have you seen his creations? Something like this for Valentine's Day would be fun:

Do you have one of these, or one similar? Give us your tips and if you've happened to snap any pics of some impressive pancakes, we'd love to see them. Post a comment and link up to your photos below.

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