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The Christmas Tinner: A Perfect Gift for the Video Game Addict (With a Strong Stomach)

Know someone who just can't seem to step away from their computer screen or game controller? Well you could give them the gift of psychotherapy to deal their addiction for Christmas. Or just say screw it and hand your buddy a Christmas Tinner. The complete Christmas dinner in a can includes nine layers of holiday foods that can be easily eaten without ever having to step away from your gaming station.

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The product was announced by British retailer GAME on Friday and might be the lowest of lows for the gaming community. The meal in a can costs £1.99 or $3.25 U.S. Reportedly, the product was inspired by the statistic that 43 percent of gamers in the United Kingdom plan on spending "the majority of the holidays on their consoles."

Inside a Christmas Tinner you'll find nine layers of food, all of which is sealed in gelatin before being layered in the can like a disgusting-sounding parfait. The top layer consists of scrambled eggs and bacon . . . and it only gets worse from there.

Here are the layers, in order from top to bottom:

  • Layer one -- Scrambled egg and bacon
  • Layer two -- Two mince pies
  • Layer three -- Turkey and potatoes
  • Layer four -- Gravy
  • Layer five -- Bread sauce
  • Layer six -- Cranberry sauce
  • Layer seven -- Brussels sprouts with stuffing -- or broccoli with stuffing
  • Layer eight -- Roast carrots and parsnips
  • Layer nine -- Christmas pudding

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