Three Favorite Shots of Espresso in Metro Phoenix

In a metropolis that isn't particularly known for its coffee scene, we're lucky enough to have three (and really only three) shining examples of how good coffee can taste.

A shop that pays attention to its espresso, whether served in a demitasse or swimming in milk, says a lot about the hospitality they're aiming for. It's the last step in a long chain that started with the buying of high-quality green coffee, lighter roasting that doesn't cover up natural flavors, and ends with execution and the preservation of quality behind the bar - trying not mess it all up, that's the key.

The end result is a shot that's truly delicious - creamy, bright, complex, sweet all on its own. Espresso when it's cared for is diverse, too, since blends not only change by the seasons of harvest in producing countries, but even with day-to-day ebbs and flows as the coffee settles following the roast.

The best news of all? You can find a good espresso that results in a sunny disposition can be found in three distinct points of the Valley.