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Two Free Tacos From Jack in the Box Today After 2 p.m. -- Like Taking a Dollar From a Dude That's High

Today is the day Jack in the Box gives away two free tacos after 2 p.m., thanks to Jack's visit to the dentist, where, hopped up on laughing gas, he makes the announcement. Note to dentists everywhere: More laughing gas for fast-food mascots, please!

According to my e-mail from Jack (shown riding a piñata and giving the thumbs-up sign), there's no coupon required -- "just show up after 2 p.m. and say, 'Gimme your free tacos!' or something less aggressive. You don't want people thinking you're pulling some kind of taco-hold-up or anything. Ask nicely and ye shall receive."

Sounds painless enough. The value's about 99 cents and it's one order per customer. Will you stop by and take advantage or is there a better taco deal out there today?