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Everything You Need for Your Downton Abbey Viewing Party -- Pinkies Up, Fans

There's something uniquely English about enjoying a dainty scone and a piping hot cup of tea. So while we may not be able to actually get to the Yorkshire country house of the Earl and Countess of Grantham -- mainly because it's a fictional place -- we can channel our inner Crawley family-ness with relative ease thanks to Queen City Cookies' Downton Abbey gift set, which can be conveniently delivered to your front door.

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That's right, you can now order up everything you need for your weekly viewing party from Cincinnati-based Queen City Cookies. The Downton Abbey-themed assortment includes Earl Grey tea (naturally), lemon bars and pound cake with lavender glaze. They even hook it up with marmalade and Queen City Cookies napkins -- to maintain the utmost level of civility.

If you're like us, this would also be great fuel for an all-day Downton Abbey bender made possible by Amazon's exclusive ability to stream the entirety of season 3. We knew that subscription was good for something.

The Downton Abbey Gift Collection costs $49.95 and comes in a Queen City Cookies decorative signature gift box.

It includes:

6 lemon pound cakes with lavender glaze 6 bags of earl gray tea 1 bag of Queen City Cookies signature shortbread 6 lemon bars 6 cranberry orange scones 1 jar of Clearbrook farms marmalade jam 6 decorative signature Queen City Cookies napkins 6 Downton Abbey decorative picks for lemon bars

To order or for more information visit the Queen City Cookies website.

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