Chow Bella

Damn, Cake, You Scary

Try and bite into one of Oakland artist Scott Hove's cakes and chances are they'll bite back.

From a concept he started in 2005 called "Cakeland," Hove created a body of work joining the beautiful and the brutal, and helps describe his sculptures by saying, "All beautiful things are equipped with a defense mechanism, to protect against the predations of those who seek to possess. The mechanizations of the predator also have a terrifying elegance. The two working together tell a very old story, and are the basis of many archetypes."

Hove's fearsome and frosted cake beasts (sorry, you can't eat them) are made from polyurethane sculpting foam, frosted and decorated with a variety of thickened acrylic gels, and accessorized with assorted media like mirrors, switchblades, taxidermy jaws, and pills.

See more of Hove's creations, including one topped with a pair of switch-blade high heels and a room installation called "Cake Vault" on the following pages.