Wake Up Call

Wendy's Japan Presents: A Lobster Burger for $16

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Apparently Wendy's in Japan is trying to break into the crowded Japanese fast food market by going highbrow. Way, way highbrow.

In addition to their instantly recognizable square hamburgers and chili, they are currently serving a burger topped with the most notorious of ingredients: Foie gras. But now, to celebrate the opening of their second Japanese location, they're kicking it up another notch.

Enter the "Ocean Premium" line of specials.

The "Ocean Premium" specials are two burgers and a salad. The first burger is a lobster sandwich topped with caviar. The second burger is a little more down to earth, a regular burger topped with lobster and marketed as "surf and turf." These two burgers will run you around $16 a piece but the real wallet buster is the Ocean Premium Salad which sounds like a great deal like a Crab Louie but with lobster instead of crab. The Ocean Premium Salad, in all its lobster and greens glory, will set you back around $20.

There are unfortunately no indications as to how successful these upper class offering have been. Back in 2009, Wendy's closed 71 stores in Japan because their local partner decided to focus on other businesses. Wendy's reentered the market last year, opening a single store in Tokyo but announcing plans to push their brand nationwide as they expand.

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