This Week's Tastiest Links!

• Hey, nice kitchen! St. Francis chef and owner, ​Aaron Chamberlin lets us into his pad and cooks up some tasty fare. We even manage not to lift his Picasso cookbook. - Chow Bella

• Please shut-up about this crazy expensive and seriously slow chocolate printer. - Time

• Think pink slime was bad? Wait until you read this article on the horrors of industrial egg farming. - New York Times

• How can you tell if someone is vegan? Don't worry, they'll tell you. That was a JOKE, but seriously, shit's gettin' serious and we're still not sure why. - Chow Bella

• Laurie Notaro skewers six more food(ie) terms driving her to insanity. - Chow Bella

• Spork, meet chork. That's right, chork. - Gizmodo

• You know how they say you should bake cookies when selling a house so the scent entices buyers? Well, here's what not to cook when your house is on the market. - The Washington Post

• Here's a nice story about the return of the Hayden Flour Mill brand and why Chris Bianco likes it so darn much. - Chow Bella

• Got a favorite chef in the Valley? Find out what cookbook most inspires them. - Chow Bella

• Bacon reality show. Because bacon. - Chow Bella

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