Veggie Girl: Fate

By Megan Irwin

Fate's House Dynamite dish with tofu -- and in the way back, more tofu. I really love the tofu here.

I love Fate for several reasons. I love that it serves Republic of Tea iced tea. I love that it played a huge role in making the part of town it's in livable. But most of all, I love, love, love the tofu here.

I am a fussy tofu eater. There are places I literally avoid because I know the tofu is nasty -- all squishy and bland. There's nothing worse to me as a vegetarian than bad tofu (except maybe being forced to eat at a steak house, but that's only because I usually leave hungry.)

So Fate's perfectly prepared, lightly fried tofu wedges are pretty much heaven on Earth for me. I could seriously eat this stuff every day (and some of us here at New Times practically do...)

I indulged myself recently with the House Dynamite, a spicy (but not too spicy) dish filled with sweet peas, pineapple, bamboo, baby corn, carrots and, of course, my beloved perfect tofu. Yummm.