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Emergency Cocktail Station for $850 Will Make You Question the Word "Emergency"

Look, I'm all for a strong martini while bedding down in a bunker with good friends at the next sighting of a haboob. And, like any champion drinker with an eye for good design, I crave unique cocktail wares. So naturally, when I saw this Emergency Cocktail Station from Urbancase, a Seattle-based home design website, it was want, want, want.

Until I saw the price: $850.

Seriously? Seems to me if you have nearly a grand to blow on a cheeky interpretation of a first-aid kit for cocktail emergencies that's less than three feet long and doesn't include tools, glassware, or one drop of liquor, your definition of the word "emergency" might be a bit different from the rest of the world's. Like, "Emergency: I can't get my overstuffed wallet out of my pants pocket!" or "Emergency: I've left my diamond slippers at the Four Seasons!"

At least the shipping is free.

Want to check it out for yourself? Go here.

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