Chow Bella

Oren J, What Are You Eating?

Favorite local restaurant: Can't answer just one...for a quick bite I love Otto's in Tempe. I get the calzone (no meat). If I'm grabbing a yuppie sandwich and dessert, then La Grande Orange in Arcadia. If I'm hungover then the protein pancakes at US Egg. For bar food, I hit The Lodge in Scottsdale (especially if one of my boys is attempting to eat their Sasquatch Burger, shout out to DJ Holmwrecker from Dirty Pretty). And if we're balling out, then it's Mastro's Ocean Club in north Scottsdale for the Seafood Tower.

Favorite local bar and cocktail to order there: In Phoenix, the Beer in a Boot at Black Forest Mill. Scottsdale, I'd have to say Furio. I went there at one point and the bartender served me one cocktail with unspecified name/ingredients that took me out of the game for the whole night. Sadly, nothing will ever compare to the Trashcan cocktail they used to have at Glam (RIP).

Favorite thing to cook at home: Homemade Mac n' cheese with tomato, avocado and breadcrumbs.

Favorite memory involving food: When Silver Medallion did our first show in Hawaii, our hot indie local guide picked us up, gave us three tall boys of Pabst Blue Ribbon, and then she proceeded to take us on a culinary tour of the islands that involved the sushi-on-a-belt experience where all 110 pounds of DJ Epidemic proceeded to out-eat the entire rest of the band. On this culinary tour we discovered a hole-in-the-wall Chinese restaurant that had what they called "The King's Feast," a poster tacked to the wall advertising four kinds of duck, several fishes and a half an octopus as part of a meal for eight. Somewhere amongst the coconut beer, this memory fades.

Food tip: Shallots. Shallots with everything. And never use a garlic press--always slice.