Guilty Pleasures

Dude, Where's My McRib? (Hint: It's Coming Soon!)

The Guilty Pleasure: The McRib Where To Get It: McDonald's, scores of locations Valleywide Price: About $2.50 What It Really Costs: Several more days of patience.

Some foods transcend being a guilty pleasure, and turn into cult classics. The king of them is McDonald's McRib. Since the sandwich wouldn't sell well as a year-round item, McDonald's concentrates the demand to a few short weeks each year. Foodies with a modicum of self-control can remind themselves that one of the ingredients in the bun is also used in yoga mats. Still, there's a surprising number of people out there who love the sandwich but won't admit it.

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This year, the McRib made headlines by not making its usual autumn appearance, in hibernation until winter. According to McDonald's, the move is primarily to boost sales during one of the slower periods of the year. More than a couple of people I know have been on pins and needles, wondering when it's finally going to make its annual appearance like Punxsutawney Phil. Ladies and gentlemen, McDonald's has announced the McRib's official return date:

December 17th. That's right, just a little over a week until you can get your annual McRib

I'm more excited than I should be for the McRib's return. The sweet-and-tangy sandwich, some of their best-in-class fries, and a big cup of sweet tea is one killer combination. What can I say, the McRib is the king of foods I hate to love. Are you looking forward to it? Can't wait to heckle anyone caught up in the fervor?

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