Hula's Modern Tiki Celebrates First Birthday in Style

Hula's Modern Tiki threw is own first birthday party last night, and we, along with the rest of CenPho, showed up for the free food drinks.

People packed Hula's patio sipping Mai Tais flowing from beverage fountains and grabbing Pink Bikini Martinis off circulating servers' trays.

Check out this guy's talent! (The bartender, not the tiki man....) When's the next Mai Tai drink fountain challenge on Minute to Win It?! Sign him up.

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Blue Hawaii flickered above the inside bar, and Elvis looked down on the buffet spread offering pulled pork, chicken wings and pineapple slaw to stave off drunkenness.

Not that anyone was watching The King... The real party was see-and-be-seen drink-in-hand around the candle-filled fireplace outside.

The lack of a real dress code -- our invite said "urban hip, beach, whatever" -- led to some confusion: Cutoffs. Hospital scrubs. Shirts and ties. And the mandatory: Hawaiian.

We're just bummed we didn't get a photo of the guy in the Shriners' hat and surfboard-print-shirt... Ow, our eyes! At least you've been spared the sight, right?

We're betting he didn't get lei'd... but these girls might have.

Nothing like getting a bunch of your friends together and crashing a birthday party, right?! Especially one with good music, free food and a steady flow of liquor.