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Digestif selling homemade charcuterie to go

They don't call it "going whole hog" for nothing.

This morning, chef Payton Curry from Digestif is getting two full pigs from Queen Creek, which he plans to use for his homemade charcuterie. Curry's alluring pates, terrines, and rillettes have been the talk of the town since Digestif opened this spring, and now locals can get these meaty goodies by the pound, to go.

"The other day, this gentleman from France was here for dinner, and his entire meal consisted of charcuterie," Curry told me. "He asked the waitress where we source our charcuterie, and he just couldn't believe it was all made in-house. That just makes me feel good."

Indeed, Curry makes everything from scratch, using local meats. The selection can change from day to day, but a couple of regular offerings (since they're ingredients in some of the entrees) include homemade smoked bacon and homemade pancetta. Guanciale (cured Italian pork jowl) and foie gras torchon are a couple of other recent creations. Curry takes special orders as well.

Curry admitted that charcuterie was the thing that scared him the most before the restaurant opened -- it's a big production to make these delicacies. But then again, he had a good year to refine his recipes before Digestif made its debut.

So, are you drooling yet, or what? I know I am. Give Digestif a call at 480-425-WINE if you're interested in finding out what's available.

And on a related note, Curry informed me that the restaurant now has a private dining room that seats up to 12 guests. It has a private guest entrance in the back, and Curry is creating customized menus for the lucky folks who choose to dine there.