Sadie Hawkins Sommelier Showdown Jan. 23 at Cowboy Ciao in Scottsdale

Cowboy Ciao is spicing up your Wednesday, and possibly getting you tipsy, with a twist on their "sommelier showdown." This time the showdown event is "Sadie Hawkins" style with ladies preparing the main course and pairing them with wines. And instead of waiting to be asked on a date to the dance, the fellas are making themselves useful and preparing desserts paired with cocktails. In total, there are seven chefs, 4 main dishes and 3 desserts. If you go, be prepared to eat and imbibe. Lots.

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The main course features savory dishes prepared by four ladies in a "chicks cooking chicks" theme. They will also be preparing poultry dishes like "duck dog" on a pretzel bun, fried chicken and smoked turkey tamales.

The chefs are: Country Velador, Pastry Chef at Cowboy Ciao Traci Zitzer of Urban Table Minerva Orduno of Muñeca Mexicana Shannon Louis Dufresne of Crave Artisan Kitchen

The guys making the desserts and pairing them with cocktails are Cowboy Ciao's Executive Chef Lester Gonzalez and his team.

The dinner is just for 50 people on January 23, so be sure to call to reserve a seat. The plan is to move to Kaz Bar (Kazimierz World Wine Bar) for the dessert, where "mix master" Wednesday will be going on- so you can continue your evening into the wee hours.

Seats are $60 and can be reserved by calling the restaurant at 480-946-3111.

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