The Best of Monday Night Martha

After a year of making Monday Night Martha, we're looking back. Last week we brought you the flops, this week, as promised, here are our favorites. 

What did we learn from preparing a Martha Stewart recipe each week? Well, for one, that even when the recipes turned out less-than-perfect we held our own. The experience of trying made us stronger in the kitchen. Will we ever forget how to make caramel, fill a pastry bag, roll and fold a piping hot disk of fortune cookies? 

Sometimes we more than held our own, we made something delicious or fun. These are the recipes we've not only enjoyed, but have already made again. 

As it turns out this is one of the easiest Martha recipes we tried, and one of the most delicious. It tastes like a warm slice of blueberry pie. With a scoop of vanilla ice cream to accompany it, nothing could be better. When we made one for the 4th of July it was gone in minutes.  

This garlic lover's pot roast is an Emeril Lagasse recipe by way of The Martha Stewart Show. When the roast is done it is so tender we could cut it with a butter knife. The garlic inside the roast becomes sweet and mellow and delicious, mixing with the pan juices and the onions, carrots, and celery. The browned crust of the meat has absorbed the savory flavors of all the other ingredients. It is awesome. 

Because it's fun to write your own fortunes, we overlook the burning fingertips this recipe can cause. We loved how these fortune cookies turned out -- so many practical uses too, birthdays, break-ups, bridal showers. Just be sure to grab a friend because, like square dancing, this recipe works best when you have a partner. 

Get more of our favorites after the jump.

The mix of warm carmel-y bananas and the cool creamy rice pudding were so delicious. We sat at the table saying, "Mmmm", and "yum" and licking our lips. This is one of the best rice puddings we can remember. 

An enthusiasm for these hand pies was not anticipated because, for starters, the recipe requires making pie dough. Just the thought of having to make pie dough led to some skepticism. However, perseverance paid off. These savory hand pies are the bomb.  

And finally, our number one favorite thing: 

Make this and you will end up with a classic slice of chocolate cake -- moist, cocoa-y, nearly irresistible. It's perfect for an impromptu celebration, and there's nothing quite like that. We will be making this cake again and again. Thank you, Martha.