Top Ten Hot Dogs in Greater Phoenix

The connection between hot dogs and dogs, the lovable tongue-wagging pets, is thought to have come from newspaper cartoons by T.A. Dorgan around the 1900's, which portrayed talking frankfurters, also known as "dachshund sausages," because of their shape. No matter the origin of the name, hot dogs have fast become an American street snack staple. And when it comes to hot dogs in the greater Phoenix area, here's 10 of our favorites. (RIP: Maui Dog.)

10.) Boston Dog from Dave's Dog House His days of slinging dogs as a kid in Boston may be over, but David Cheren, ex-attorney and owner of this tiny joint in the heart of the Arizona State University campus, is still servin' 'em up "New England Style" (with the buns toasted in butter and garlic) in Tempe. Sporting a tasty, top-secret, 100-percent beef frank shipped via the East Coast, this simple and satisfying creation sports onion, mustard, and relish (no flippin' ketchup) on a pleasantly crunchy toasted bun.