Wake Up Call

The Greatest Auto-Tuned Food Review Ever

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What happens when you combine a passionate food review with the people who brought us the Bedroom Intruder song? Magic. Pure. Freaking. Magic.

We will warn you that this song is an ear worm but in the best possible way. This guy feels about a Five Guys cheeseburger the way that other fellow feels about double rainbows.

Daym Drops is the Youtube channel for one Daymon Patterson who apparently spends a great deal of time sitting in his car eating delicious food and talking about it on Youtube. While that doesn't seem like much of a setup, it actually works. Daymon has an impressive knack for comedic timing and an authenticity that's impossible to ignore. This guy doesn't just like food, he loves it, and he has the personality to convey that, despite the fact that his videos appear to be shot from a webcam mounted on his dashboard.

Of course that's only half the viral video magic on display here. The Gregory Brothers have been auto-tuning our news and popular culture for years now but this has to be one of their finer works.

The original for comparison:

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