Shark Fart at the Swizzle Inn

The Shark Fart tastes better than it sounds, I promise.

This is one of Dar Bieling's favorite drinks to make because she loves shaking the hell out of the tumbler. Hey, she's gotta get that aggression out somehow if she wants to remain, as owner Beth Johnson says, "The only one who walks in with a smile and walks out with a smile."

Beth and her husband, Bob, have owned the Swizzle Inn for more than 10 years. During that time they've worked tirelessly to keep a clean, cozy bar where everyone is welcome and people feel at home. They promote green living and even hold charitable benefits at the bar.

The Swizzle Inn pulls a diverse clientele from doctors, lawyers and retired judges to frugal neighborhood dive bar connoisseurs. It's gay-friendly, and on any given night you can find patrons ranging from 21 to 91 in age.

According to Dar, age plays a role in drink choice at the bar. The younger, late-night crowd often orders rounds of Jäger Bombers to get 'em going and Vodka Red Bulls to keep 'em up. The older folks typically arrive earlier and prefer more classic cocktails, like vodka sodas, as well as beer.

Differences of taste aside, everyone gets along famously at the Swizzle Inn; there are never fights, and people are friendly and respectful of one another.

"You'll see a table over here of lawyers at happy hour then we'll have a group of gay guys over there and everybody jokes and teases each other, they all get along," says Dar.

Even if you don't come with a group, Dar assures there are plenty of customers eager to socialize with someone new.

"Come sit down by yourself, next thing you know someone's buyin' you a drink and introducing themselves," she says. "This is one bar where you can come in alone and you're not alone for very long."

If you really want to make friends fast, order a round of Shark Farts.

Shark Fart: 3 oz. pineapple juice 1 oz. Stoli vanilla ½ oz. Parrot Bay rum ¼ oz. Blue Curacao

Combine ingredients in a tumbler filled with ice. Shake vigorously. Pour into shot glasses and serve.

I never thought I'd say this, but it might actually be cheaper to buy this drink at the bar (the Swizzle Inn, anyway) than to make it at home.