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Nightmare Fuel: Ramen Ice Cream Is A Real Thing

As Wake Up Call has frequently highlighted, the Japanese and Asia on the whole are fearless culinary travelers, nomnauts if you will. But even by the most generous of standards, miso ramen flavored ice cream is pretty strange and apparently not exactly delicious.

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Thisjapanesegirl on Youtube takes us into Nanja town, deep in the building complex called Sunshine City in Tokyo. There she and her companion indulge in both wasabi and miso ramen flavored ice cream. Between the two it seems like the wasabi ice cream went over better, we can only assume it's made with actual wasabi root and not colored horseradish like you find at most sushi shops in America.

Her companion notes that it, "It kinda tastes like some weird peanut butter," and her facial contortions convey her feelings on the taste better than words ever could. Apparently this particular brand of ice cream pumps out a wide array of flavors which include curry, fish egg and of course, horse meat ice cream.

Of course why stop there? Apparently there is a famous ramen shop in Tokyo that serves ramen with ice cream. They make a cold bowl of noodles in broth and then drop a soft-serve cone on top. The story goes that a school kid asked the cook to put an ice cream cone in his noodles as a joke, but then the cook called his bluff and actually did it. The kid continued to throw him suggestions, from chocolate ramen to green tea until the kid finally asked the chef to plop some batteries in the ramen. Which the chef did and made all of the dishes part of the menu.

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