Caffiend: Dolce Espresso's White Caramel Mocha

Dolce Espresso is one of those great little coffee shops that are easy to miss while driving down the street. Located on Camelback Road just east of 10th street, Dolce Espresso sits inconspicuously in a brick strip mall on the south side of the street. But if you slow down enough to see it and stop, it's well worth the diversion.

The interior decor is very colorful and bohemian, save for the giant plasma screen TVs -- but this is a "video coffee bar," after all. If visitors don't want to lounge in front of the tube or read some of the many magazines inside, there's also an outside patio shaded by a green canopy. That's where we took our java on a recent visit; we discovered that their mini replica of the statue of David is interesting to study while slurping White Caramel Mocha.

Dolce Espresso's White Caramel Mocha is divine in its own right: a smooth, subtle roast coffee, blended with white Ghirardelli chocolate, and topped with whipped cream and ribbons of real caramel. There may not be much caffeine in it, but the sugar content alone is enough to amp you up for a few hours.

The flavor was sweet and creamy, but not overly rich like many dark chocolate mochas. We give the White Caramel Mocha two thumbs up, but we're bummed that Dolce was out of their "Going Bananas" go coffee. Ah well, we'll just have to go back. Soon.