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Four Peaks to Open Third Location in Summer 2012

But don't get too excited. 

The popular Tempe brewery and restaurant has plans in the works for a third location but it will mostly be used for the production of the Four Peaks favorite, Kiltlifter. 

We have known this for sometime, the big question has just been where's it going to go?

Unfortunately, they won't be taking over the old Sunkist building in Mesa, they won't be taking over one of the old produce buildings in Downtown Phoenix, and they are just going to stick with having a taproom in Scottsdale.

So where exactly is the new location going to be? 

Tempe. Just a couple miles west of where the brewery got their start. 

The new location will be located in the Tempe industrial area off Roosevelt between Broadway and Alameda. There isn't going to be a restaurant, patio, a million TV's, or long wait on a Saturday afternoon -- it's just going to be about the beer. 

The production facility will have a small tasting room which is will be awesome for those days when you just want a cool pint of beer without the hassle of having to deal with a ton of people.

Once Four Peaks has more room to do what they do best, they plan on using the extra space to brew more specialty beers (our fingers are crossed for more Belgium Black!) -- now that's something to get excited about! 

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