Boba Juice Serves Tasty Vegetarian Vietnamese Eats

In researching boba drinks for a blog post awhile back, a reader helpfully informed me that new Boba Juice on 19th Avenue (in the same strip as Da Vang, 4550 N. 19th Ave., north of Campbell), serves vegetarian Vietnamese food.

Thanks, whomever-you-are! 

I stopped by for a super-cheap, super-tasty lunch that I'd do again in a heartbeat: a bowl of faux "bbq pork" (made with soy) and spring rolls on rice vermicelli noodles, served with vegetarian nuoc cham (tangy sauce). 

Just as good was the avocado smoothie, which was very obviously made with a real avocado. (And confirmed by the waiter.) Sounds weird, but trust me -- it was was creamy, just sweet enough, and so much better than the one I had at Lee's Sandwiches a couple weeks ago. As an added treat, yes, I got it with boba.