Chow Bella

Cafe: America's Taco Shop

Attention burrito eaters: Just because you've gorged yourself on over-sized burritos in the past does not mean you're ready to eat more than one burrito at America's Taco Shop. Trust us. Every time we go we have to decide between the carne asada burrito and the equally yummy bean and cheese burrito. We find America's so delicious that it's hard to choose just one.

Don't believe us? Check out what Wynter Holden has to say about America's in this week's Cafe Column: 

There's a reason the carne asada here scored our Best of Phoenix nod this year. The lean beef is tender and juicy, with savory flavor in every bite. It's also perfectly spiced, just enough to bring out the natural flavors of the roasted meat without being overly complex. And America is bountiful with her meat. The carne asada burrito was dominated by flayed chunks of marinated steak, with only a little room to spare for the creamy guac, pico de gallo, and caramelized onions. One of my dining companions wisely remarked, "The only thing that could possibly make this better is cheese."

Enter America's quesadilla de carne asada: meat, lettuce, caramelized onions, guac, and melted Monterey Jack in a soft flour tortilla. Clearly, my friend was right, because it was heaven on the tongue. The golden onions were browned just to the point of releasing the natural sugars, and the guac added a subtle grassy flavor. The entire concoction was glued together with a buttery layer of high-quality white cheese, without a drop of the orange grease that mars cheddar versions. The same goes for the popular Vampiro, which was basically the same meat-and-veggie mix served on a grilled tostada. It was delicious...full story