Food Truck Frenzy

Ten Favorite Phoenix Food Trucks

Since the first food truck festival rolled into Phoenix last October, it seems that nothing - not stupidly long lines, not inflated prices, not a complete and utter lack of organization, truly NOTHING - can stop the flood of food trucks and food truck festivals from saturating the Valley with mobile cuisine.

So with all this buzz, how can you expect to single out the ones that are worth the wait and the trek? Don't worry, we've got you covered with this: Our Ten Favorite Phoenix Food Trucks.

10. Duck Duck Pig
With a menu that features a PBD & J (that's peanut butter, duck comfit and jalapeño mango jelly), how can you not get excited about DDP? They may be relatively new to the game, but bringing duck fat fried tots and fois gras to the masses via a badass black and pink truck definitely merits a spot on our list. Sadly, we haven't seen or heard much from DDP since the Eat Streets Food Truck Festival last month but we're definitely keeping an eye out for more.